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Benefits of Activated Charcoal (INFOGRAPHIC)

By now we are sure you have heard of the activated charcoal but many people don't fully understand its healthy capabilities.  It may come as a surprise but charcoal is not only used for starting a fire on a grill. When people hear or read the word activated they get apprehensive as well.

We as pioneers of health sciences and innovation want to make people aware of this supplements uses. White label supplements of activated charcoal have seen an increase in sales across the internet over month as well. This hints to us that StockNutra offers an excellent Private Label Charcoal that could benefit your brand as it stretches across multiple sectors of the health and wellness industry!

private label charcoal

In this well crafted and exciting infographic we highlight what we feel are the benefits of activated charcoal that you as a health concsious consumer need to know. 


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