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Benefits of Berberine for Weight Loss


In 2012 the U.S. Diet Industry was worth $20 Billion. [1] In 2014, the U.S. diet industry grew to $64 Billion [2]

This hot market is fueled by the consumers wanting to achieve a healthier lifestyle and supplement manufacturing companies willing to create products for specific niches of people. That switch is evident in the staggering success of key term interest on search engines, such as Google.  berberine for weight loss blog image 1.png

Berberine has had limited interest from internet searchers from January 2014 through Jan of 2013. For that long stretch of time Berberine held about a 12 percent interest in search terms, but after February of 2013 interest in berberine spiked and that spike has continued to generate an upwards curve as the public continues to gain interest in this supplement.

As of June 2017, berberine holds a 100 percent interest and it is expected remain a trending private label supplement to internet searchers because of the easy way that berberine helps people lose weight. 

A tremendous part of that interest is due to how people are choosing to manage weight gain. 

Who's The Most Interested in Berberine

In the U.S. it is people in Montana (99 percent internet search interest) and New Mexico at 100 percent search term interest.People are most interested in the word "Berberine" rather than "dietary supplement".

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Other search terms that are HOT include; "berberine side effects" (100 percent), "Berberine Benefits" (85 percent) and "Berberine Supplement" (80 percent). That deep interest tells us that people are specifically interested in Berberine rather than just a diet supplement.

It also tells us that people want to know more about what they are taking. That is likely because people have already tried diets, dieting, and diet supplements and are now looking for something that is more solid.

With the peer-review studies available, berberine is just what the internet searcher wanting to lose weight ordered. 

Benefits of Berberine for Weight Loss

Berberine is a plant-based compound that is used in traditional Chinese medicine. It comes fromberberine for weight loss image 3.jpg Coptis plants which are in the Ranunculus family. It has been used for generations to treat diabetes and infections.

As a treatment for diabetes, Berberine was shown to be as effective as metformin in the reduction of blood glucose and it positively impacted fat metabolism. [3]

The benefits of berberine for weight loss don't stop there. In a separate study, Berberine was shown to decrease serum triglycerides as well as triglycerides stored in the liver - which is a tool that your body uses to store fat. [3]  

The increase in your metabolic rate or fat burning ability comes from the impact that berberine has on increasing the population of mitochondria in cells. [3] The process leads to the usage of stored fat (brown fat) as energy which the body needs because there is less blood glucose. 

Fat Storage and Insulin Sensitivity

Because berberine helps to reduce blood sugar levels, it helps to improve how our body uses andberberine for weight loss image 4.jpg reacts to insulin which is a major step in improving your health.

Lower blood sugar levels mean that we are less hungry and we avoid binge eating.

One of the key thing that happens is that berberine causes our body to release AMPK - a protein that helps our body recognize and react to insulin.

It is the sensitivity to insulin that helps our body to lose weight.

If we have too much insulin, which we do when our blood sugar is too high, our body stores fat. Because berberine helps to lower blood sugar levels, our body needs less insulin, and that opens the door for our body to burn fat. 

How To Take Berberine for Weight Loss

How to take berberine for weight loss is simple.  Studies that looked at weight loss in humans
used a berberine for weight loss dosage of 500 mg doses given orally in a capsule form three times per day for a total of 1,500 mg per day. [4

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Sources indicate that the dose should start at 500 mg per day and increase to 1,500 mg per day if there are no contraindications such as:

  • constipation or loose stools
  • Increase in intestinal gas
  • acid stomach or reflux

Like many supplements, berberine works best if you combine usage with a healthy diet and increased exercise.

The added benefit of reducing carbs, sugar, and fat help berberine to address blood glucose levels. Adding exercise helps to increase the body's natural weight loss mechanisms and can help berberine to further increase your metabolic rate. 

Berberine Helps Increase Long-term Health

The effect of lowering blood glucose levels is a big deal. Elevated blood glucose levels push your
body towards diabetes and metabolic disease.

By addressing these concerns early, you decrease your chances of developing type II diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and a host of other diseases related to high blood glucose level. 

Berberine does make weight loss easier simply by helping the body to control blood glucose, lowering triglycerides and priming our body to use stored fat as energy. In addition, the process of helping to make our body more reactive to hormones such as insulin improves the weight loss process further and pushes us toward better health for both the short- and long-terms. 

With the staggering increase in searches across the country it is difficult not to investigate if berberine has the private label  weight loss capabilities so often touted about by supplement manufacturers.