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How Krill Oil Benefits Your Hair


Need stronger, healthier hair? A tiny ocean crustacean could hold the answer; krill oil is a surprisingly good krill oil for hair image 1.jpgsupplement for hair, thanks to the amount of fatty acids and lecithin it contains.

Krill, or Euphausia superba are tiny shrimp-like creatures that live in the cold waters of the Antarctic; krill oil is like fish oil, but sourced from these deep-sea dwellers instead.

Krill oil has a variety of health benefits, thanks to its high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, marine lecithin and Phospholipid-derived fatty acids (PFLA); it is used to support cardiac health and even to help those suffering from PMS or depression.

For hair, the fatty acids and other beneficial compounds found in krill oil can help strengthen follicles and stands and prevent breakage, resulting in longer, shinier, healthier locks unlinke alpha lipoic acid .

How Does Krill Oil Differ from Fish Oil?

Both are derived from ocean dwelling creatures, and both are rich in EPA and DHA fatty acids, but krill oil has higher concentrations of phospholipids and is more highly concentrated. Krill oil’s red color is naturally occurring, not added during the manufacturing process.

Krill Oil Benefits for Hair

Krill oil has been increasing in popularity in the private label hair product world because of it's key  benefits for hair. Adding fatty acids to your diet can help prevent hair loss, strengthen your hair and follicles and even aid a dry, itchy scalp. A look at how the potent Omega 3s in krill oil can benefit hair reveals why it works so well – and how to use this natural remedy to improve the look and feel of your hair.krill oil for hair image 4.jpg

Hair Health and Stress

Stress can actually cause your hair to fall out – some people also pull their own hair as a coping mechanism when they
are stressed out – you might be removing strands without realizing it.

Omega 3 fatty acids can help reduce anxiety and inflammation; a recent study by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health supports this belief.

If you’re losing hair because of stress or anxiety then the Omega-3 fatty acids present in high numbers in krill oil could help.

Thin Hair and Krill Oil

Your hair is made up of keratin; when you don’t get the right nutrition, your body doesn’t produce enough keratin, and your hair suffers as a result. In some cases, your follicles actually stop producing hair or drastically slow down production, resulting in overall thinning. A recent study of women with thinning hair found that supplementing the diet with Omega-3s helped participants in several ways:

·         The fatty acids help revitalize the hair follicles and boosted hair production

·         The fatty acids improved the overall look and texture of hair

·         Most participants reported being less anxious and worried about thinning hair at the conclusion of the study.

Participants were asked not to make any other dietary or lifestyle changes during the study, so the improvement in the hair strength and quality was directly attributed to the fatty acid supplementation. The reduction of anxiety about hair thinning could be related to either the improved look of the hair or because of the anxiety soothing effects of krill oil in general, or a combination of both factors.

Hair Loss Due to Protein Deficiency

While your hair is not living, it is produced by living cells in your hair follicles; if you don’t supply those living cells with enough nutrients, the quality of your hair will suffer. Researchers found that those with diets that are protein-deficient may also suffer from premature hair loss. Omega-3s like the ones in krill oil can help improve the way the body processes proteins and even provide some key proteins that aid in hair growth and development.

How Does Krill Oil Help with Hair Growth?

krill oil for hair image 3.jpg

Krill oil supports healthy hair growth because it contains a potent form of antioxidant known as astaxanthin.

This antioxidant is present in krill oil but not regular fish oil, making krill oil a good choice for hair health since it also contains the Omega-3s and proteins your hair needs to grow properly.

People who lose hair without an underlying medical cause or nutritional issue show increased levels of 5-alpha reductase. a testosterone catalyzing enzyme. This enzyme is often responsible for an increased risk of hair loss in both men and women.

The astananthin found in krill oil naturally reduces the 5-alpha reductase found in your body so that it can’t impact your hair follicles’ ability to be productive.  

Does Krill Oil Help Hair Growth Speed Up?

Krill oil is a common addition to hair vitamins, and while it is used to promote healthy hair, it does not speed up production. Instead, it creates stronger, thicker hair at the point of production, the hair follicle. Hair is less likely to break when it is strong, so it seems to grow faster. In reality, it is simply not breaking off, so it seems to be growing at a more impressive rate.

Krill Oil and Shine

While krill oil is a powerful weapon in the fight against thinning hair, breakage and baldness, the same fatty acids and enzymes that promote healthy hair growth also create a healthy shine. As your hair becomes stronger, it naturally becomes shinier as well; your cells produce more keratin, resulting in richer hair with more natural shine.

Krill Oil Dosage Recommendation

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Eating fish can help you get omega-3s, but not the beneficial enzymes and proteins found in krill oil. According to Livestrong, men should aim for at least 1.6 grams of krill oil per day, while women need about 1.1 grams daily.

Since different brands contain different concentrations of fatty acids, EPA and DHA, you’ll need to check the label of any supplement you are considering to see how much to take.


Taking a krill oil supplement can help you see results in a few weeks; making a krill oil supplement a permanent part of your diet can ensure you have the strong, shiny healthy hair you want without resorting to chemical preparations or pricey salon treatments. StockNutra offers private label krill oil with  different bottling and serving size options. We also offer a wide varitey of private label fish oil you can view here.

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