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Making Money As A Personal Trainer Selling Supplements


As a personal trainer, you have the inside track on the fitness and weight goals of each of your clients. Who better than you to offer your clients the best nutrients through your own private label brand? Sounds expensive to start but the reality is that you can start small with a core group of nutrients and products that support your client's goals and then add to your brand's offering as you grow. You are already making money as a personal trainer so why aren't you making money as a personal trainer selling private label sports supplements

Where to Start

1. Whey Protein Powder - Most people have already tuned into the benefits of whey. You've probably been talking up whey to your clients too. For anyone who wants to add muscle, then whey just makes sense. Its benefits include:

  • Easily digests, so it is rapidly available for use
  • Improves protein synthesis
  • Improves recovery after working out

private label whey protein


2. Turmeric - Is a naturally produced plant

compound that contains curcumin and offers both antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties. 

  • Helps your muscles to recover faster following intense workouts because it is an antioxidant, which shields the cells during energy production. 
  • Helps your body to lose weight more efficiently
  • Plays a part in testosterone production for easier muscle development.

private label turmeric


3. CoQ10. - Naturally produced by our body and needed by each cell for energy production. We use CoQ10 to build new cells such as during the cell-regeneration cycle.  The benefits are:

  • Naturally produced so no side effects
  • Longer, more productive workouts thanks to the efficiency way it helps our muscles produce energy.
  • Powers longer workouts so you do more, burn more fat, and build more muscles.  

private label coq10

 StockNutra Also Offers a  Private Label CoQ10 Made with White Soy Bean!

There are just three examples of supplements that matter to anyone who is looking to bulk up or tone their body. The reality is that there are many possibilities for products that your clients need and that they likely want.

At StockNutra, we make the process easy and affordable to begin a private label supplement brand. You likely already have the clientel in place and all you really need is the product. Because we offer the lowest minimum order or batch runs around and we help with marketing and label design, you face very little risk and only need a small investment to get started. At StockNutra, we make it easy to get started so that you can further grow your personal training income.

 Private label supplements are big, and consumers love them because they address the consumers needs. Those include:

  • Wholesome manufacturing such as from sustainable products, green ingredients, and organic ingredient.
  • Custom blends that better address consumer needs versus national brands that are a one-size-fits-all approach.

So why aren't you making money as a personal trainer selling supplements? 

Is there an ethical dilemma? 

Let's explore. What is the difference if your client buys whey protein from GNC or from you? The difference is in the original intent of your client to use your service. When they go to a store and buy supplements, their original intent is to go to the store and buy supplements. When they come to you, they intend to receive personal attention that supports their weight loss or body sculpting goals. In that difference lies the conflict and the solution. 

As mentioned, there is no answer to this question as your business model is a unique as are you. So, there is nothing preventing you from selling both personal trainer services and supplements. That is so long as you are working within the laws of your state and local community. In fact, you should check to see if you are permitted to sell private label supplements and whether or not there are any special rules or regulations involved. 

Should You Sell Private Label Supplement?

There are plenty of reasons to do so. One of those reasons is that selling your own brand of supplements can be a differentiator between you and many of the other personal trainers in your area. A private label brand when properly marketed and managed can also establish your expertise in personal training. Those are both positive market traits. 

How Should You Approach Selling Private Label Supplements? 

personal trainer selling supplements.jpg

Again, there is no right or wrong answer, but there is marketing know-how that can point you in the right direction. One, outline your business goals and follow them. If your primary goal is to be a personal trainer, then make sure that as a goal this is always your first priority. In this case, your supplements take a back seat and act as a supporting line of income.

If your goal is to make money as a personal trainer and to increase your opportunity to make more money than set your services as both a personal trainer and a private label supplement brand.

You can offer services that include product or you can offer just personal trainer services. The difference is that your client is coming to you either for just training or for both training and supplements. Both use the consumers intent to help you make money, and both remove the ethical dilemma. 

If your clients come to you with the goal of receiving personal training and your main goal is pushing supplements, you might be crossing an ethical boundary. The trick is to be upfront about what your goals are so that clients can make a positive decision about the services that they choose. 

Reach out to the professionals at StockNutra and discover just how easy and affordable it is to start your own private label brand.