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Private Label MCT Oil: Rejuvenating Coconut Oil Market


Medium Chain Triglycerides have been around for a while, but have been buried for a long while under the avalanche publicity over bad fats. This because MCT is one of the many saturated fatty acids and the press has gone overboard in telling us that saturated fats are bad. For many people, saturated fats are bad, but not all of them. In fact, our body needs some saturated fat and therein lies the crutch. This blog focuses on the marketing trends around MCT's and their benefits for people who:

  • Want to lose weight by losing stored body fat [1], [2]
  • Improve blood pressure [3]
  • Want a faster bioavailable energy source [4]
  • Want to add calories to their diet [4]
  • Better brain function and could help fight dementia [5]
  • Improved digestion [6]

It is these benefits that are helping to drive private label coconut oil and MCT's popularity.

MCT Growth Predictions

That growth, according to Reportsnreports has MCT at 5.8 percent in its change in annual growth rates and their data suggests that growth rate is likely to continue through 2022 where it could hit 6.3 percent. [7]

One of the reasons for the current market growth and the expected market growth of MTC's is that list of benefits we talked about earlier. Look at that list and ask yourself who these people are. They are dieters and people who are overweight. That includes the massive group of people who need to lose weight because they are experiencing medical issues, such as joint pain or who have a heart attack. There is also the massive group of people who want to lose weight because of body image issues. The gut-supplement and OTC market is huge and MCT's are known to help. The people who you could market to include everyone with digestive complications such as acid reflux, bloating, and food allergies. 

Then there are the people who just want their brain to work better. MCT has many promising studies about how it improves cognitive function. That population includes a huge diversity of people. They range from the elderly with or without dementia and students who want to think better. That group also includes professionals who need the extra brain function to compete in a highly competitive job market.  

When we look at this group of people, there is almost nobody who is not on that list and that is why MCT's are such a boon for the private label supplement brands. Reportsnreports also points out that these are global trends and they pinpoint the Asia Pacific as an area where private label MCT oil will see its biggest market growth. 

What Does This Mean for Private Label MCT Oil?

If we read between the lines, then what we are seeing is the effects of West meets East. There are quite a few peer-reviewed articles that begin to tell us why. The western diet is becoming very popular in Asia. As more Asians eat American foods, there are massive increases in diabetes, [8], heart disease, and obesity. 

We can also see this physically if we look at Google Trends and the search term for MCT oil. From 2004 until February of 2012, MCT oil has been fairly flatlined as a search term. But beginning in February 2012 it begins to grow in popularity from 13 percent to nearly 100 percent by September of 2017. In just five years it has gained 87 percent in search popularity. 

What all of this spells is O P P O R T U N I T Y and not just for the short while, but potentially ongoing. MCT's are big and they are already in place by major brands and still, the Google Search for MCT is growing. 

Addressing MCT as a Private Label Brand

The natural source for MCT that has the highest concentration is coconut oil. Coconut oil has a wide range of applications is one of the hottest trends in supplements at the moment. While that sounds easy as stocking coconut oil, it is a little more complex. We looked at StockNutra to see what options were available for MTC. They offer:

private label coconut oil

With choices like these you have to look at your buyer persona to see which option fits best into your brand. You might discover that more than one form of MCT from coconuts is what you need. MCT Oil Powder is something that would appeal to bodybuilders, athletes, and dieters because it is easy to add to a routine or mix with protein powders for pre-workout benefits. Organic Coconut MCT Oil from white Coconut meat might appeal to the purists - those people who are looking for specific properties in the supplements that they buy. Whereas, MCT Oil from organic coconuts might appeal to a broader market segment within your brand. 

What is clear is that private label coconut oil has a place in most private label brand offerings. Is your brand competitive and are you offering the right MCT products? This is a product that will likely be a differentiator among supplement brands. If the growth, as predicted, continues, private label MCT oil is going to become a staple for consumers who want to reap the benefits of MCTs


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