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Learn All About Private Label Supplement Manufacturers

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In the fiercely competitive supplement and nutraceutical industry, it is more important than ever to partner with a manufacturer of private label supplements.

Private label supplement manufacturers can help you to more effectively distinguish your brand, fill your shelves with attractive labels, and differentiate the products you offer from those offered by your competition.

What are Private Supplement Label Manufacturers?private label supplements 1.jpg

Private labeling is when a retailer takes high quality, tested, and proven supplement and nutraceutical formulations and packages them with their own brand, logo, and labeling.

Private label supplements manufacturers must compete with each other for your business.

That means choosing a leading private label supplement manufacturer is a good way to partner with a company that knows how to develop a cohesive, and effective branding and to establish a loyal customer base for your line of private label supplements.

Beware of companies that lack good market understanding. Partnering with an unproven manufacturer can burden you with a brand or product that is a poor fit for your target demographic.

A competent and reputable private label manufacturer will carry in-house brand formulations, as well as offer private label supplements and manufacturing capabilities.

This enables you to choose proprietary blends labeled with your brand or to carry established products, or both.

Either way, you receive a high-quality product that you can be proud to offer to your valued customers!

Why Choosing a Leading Private Label Manufacturer Makes all the Difference

Private label manufacturers are going to form a crucial component of your business model, but choosing one with a knowledgeable team is necessary to go one step beyond your competition.

Today, all the best brands are using private manufacturers, meaning you have to choose the best just to stay ahead of the game.

A high quality manufacturing partner will go one step further to help grow your business by working with you to design an ideal logo and branding strategy for your products.

Fully customized labels, logos, and packaging best suited for your target audience will produce the best returns on your investment.

Doing your research and choosing a company with a knowledgeable and skilled design team is necessary to capture the essence of your product.

Here are a few examples of highly successful products which are produced by Private Label Supplement Manufacturers

Weight Management Formulas

  • Block Formula
  • Dream & Lean
  • Fucoxanthin
  • Hoodia 2000
  • Snooze & Lose

Solution Formulas

  • CholesterLow460
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Sugar Sup
  • Super Prostate
  • Vision Support

Omega-3 & Other Nutritional Oils

  • Lecithin 1200 m
  • A & D A 5,000 I
  • Cod Liver Oil A
  • Cod Liver Oil &
  • DHA 100 mg


  • Graviola 650 mg
  • Guarana 1000 mg
  • Vinpocetine 10
  • Bilberry 2000
  • Black Cohosh Ex

The Benefits of Private Label Manufacturing

Beginning in 1997, private label brands grew at twice the rate of national brands, according to AlixPartners, and private label products are 30% cheaper than national brands.

Store label merchandise is no longer considered the only alternative to national brands.Once viewed as second-class alternatives, these “off-label brands” are now competing handily with the national brands.

More Control

Private label manufacturers offer you more control over factors like pricing, size, packaging, distribution and production.

Retailers can develop innovative ideas to win greater market share compared to national brands. This includes making quick refinements to products according to customer preferences.

 The supplements industry is in the middle of a heated battle over market share, and this battle will carry on as long consumers prefer value over brand name loyalty.

Refined Branding

Successful private labels can create their own sales opportunities for retailers.

Through customization, they can personalize the customer's shopping experience, leading to greater customer loyalty. Supervalu's Wild Harvest organic line, for example, offers customers healthy options at reduced prices using well-polished package design rivaling the more expensive national brands.

Other Structural Advantagesprivate label supplements 3.jpg

Unlike national brands, retailers with store labels can optimize the in-store shopping experience. This could translate into advantages like the in-store placement of select products and signage.

Retailers can use horizontal display techniques, for example, like brand blocking, or end-cap display fixtures to make their own private labels stand out among the national labels.

Deliver Greater Value

Value is not the only concern consumers base their choices on, but it will always be an important factor in selection.

The demand for low-cost products is high, and private label products have more leeway in their ability to fill that demand.

The biggest advantage store brand labels exert during economic downturns is the dominance of price as a concern as consumers gravitate toward money-saving strategies such as buying more private label brand products to manage their budgets.

Take Control of Your Market Footprintprivate label supplements image.jpg

Instead of selling someone else’s supplement products- sell your own! Private labeling partners can create and distribute your branded products overnight.

 Often, introducing new products can place a large burden on an entrepreneur, not only to produce a winning product successfully but also to market it successfully.

A private label supplement manufacturer can help you to establish your brand and give you access to distributor level pricing, allowing you to mark up your products to cover your cost.

Establishing your brand name of products through private labeling is an important step toward establishing and maintaining your customer base.

Marketing distinctive and exclusive products with your, logo and design on the package will help considerably to ensure customers will identify with your company for both initial and repeat purchases.

People love the feeling of having access to a rare, unique, one of a kind product.

When your customers know that they cannot get it anywhere else, it creates an enormous incentive to remain loyal to your outlet and your brand.

And this is the one most important factor that lets private supplement label manufacturing put your brand on overdrive!