Nutraceutical Knowledge

Dietary Supplement Regulation by the FDA

All non-prescription and prescription drugs are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration in the US. However, you should know that dietary..

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Sell Supplements from Home With A Private Label Brand

Starting a supplement company can be a very rewarding experience, but it also is definitely a lot of work. You can start out small and easily by..

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Trump Administration's Effect on the Dietary Supplement Industry

The Donald Trump administration has brought up several topics concerning the supplement industry, assessing the FDA’s possible over-regulation of..

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FDA Silences Drugs vs Supplements Debate

What is the difference between drugs and supplements? Well, first the word drug has many meanings, but a supplement is not meant to treat a medical..

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Private Label Herbal Supplements Guidelines

Why Private Label Herbal Supplements?

The herbal supplement market is growing, and now is the time to get involved. 

However, not every company that..

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Nutraceuticals: History, Definition, & Opportunity

Nutraceutical is a term used to describe any product that has been derived from food sources which offer additional health benefits on top of the basic..

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