Nutraceutical Knowledge

What Biotin Can Do For You (Not Just For Your Hair)

Want an energy boost, better nails or even to ward off the signs of high blood sugar? Biotin, a natural form of Vitamin B can help. Though this vitamin..

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The Many Benefits Of Acai Berry Supplements

The acai berry comes from Brazilian palm trees. You might have noticed that acai berry seems to be everywhere and in many products.

That is because acai

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Private Label Protein Powder — Consumer Driver Opportunities

There are a lot of advantage of producing private label protein powder.

Not only are consumers looking for quality products with a more specialized..

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Plant Based Calcium Supplement Benefits

Why Is Calcium Important?

The body needs calcium to build and maintain healthy bones and teeth. Calcium also helps to transport ions across cell..

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White Label Whey Protein Powder: Easy Launch of a Quality Product

The Power of White Label Whey Protein

White label protein or private label protein products are not new to the retail sector. In fact, grocery stores..

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Benefits of Activated Charcoal (INFOGRAPHIC)

By now we are sure you have heard of the activated charcoal but many people don't fully understand its healthy capabilities.  It may come as a surprise..

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Opportunity Alert: Interest in Gummy Vitamins Surging 

Gummies aren’t just for kids the adult gummy vitamin segment is experiencing the largest amount of growth in the supplement and vitamin category.


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Learn All About Private Label Supplement Manufacturers

In the fiercely competitive supplement and nutraceutical industry, it is more important than ever to partner with a manufacturer of private label..

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