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weight loss supplements for women

Best Weight Loss Supplements for Women

Weight loss or maintaining a constant level of weight is a burning issue that tends to haunt many if not most women. Catering to that demand, the supplement market is flooded with opportunity for  weight loss supplements specifically formulated and targeted for women. If you are an existing supplement brand or are looking to start a supplement company this product type could be a great start. Especially if you choose to use the private label supplement line at 

With this article we aim to give you an idea about the best available weight loss supplements for women, the probable and possible formulations available in order to help you to pick the correct combination of supplements that would not only kick start your effort and venture in the field but will also ensure maximum profitability in the market through their effectiveness and outcome.

Marketing Weight Loss Supplements:

Now, before one decides to zero in on any particular ingredient/supplements for launching their product, one  first and foremost need to understand how to market them.

private label weight loss

Generally weight loss supplements are marketed in three ways:

1. Appetite Suppressants – This results in one feeling fuller and less urge to eat which ends up one consuming fewer calories aiding to weight loss.

2. Fat Burning- The supplements tends act as a catalyst within the body in facilitating the fat burning or calorie burning process leading to gradual weight loss.

3. Fat Aabsorption- is another way in which the weight loss supplements aids the weight loss of the body.

Once, you have decided on which above mechanisms you want to focus while developing your marketing strategy for you weight loss supplement, the next big step comes to make the decision whether you want your product to be custom formulated or private labelled.

If you are looking for a ready to launch product all decked up with specs and pre-formulation, private label is the way to go. Going for private label supplements, you will only need to select the product from the wide range of products offered by the manufacturer and just make a custom design logo and label for your product.

The decision to go private or custom entirely depends on the nature and strategy of your business and your requirements. We offer both types in a quite customer friendly way that would definitely facilitate your stronghold on the market of weight loss supplements.

Now, the big decisions made, its time to pick the most essential thing for your product. The ingredients or supplements for your product. Body mechanisms of men and women are different and so the ingredients and formulation for weight loss supplements for women are usually quite different from that of men. So, let us look into some of the best weight loss supplements for women.


Caffeine is among the few natural ingredients that acts as an excellent source of weight loss supplements in women. Though caffeine itself is available is many natural forms, its isn’t a bad idea to add caffeine into supplement product as it is known to increase body’s metabolism by 12 % leading to fat absorption and weight loss.


Fish Oil is also an important ingredient which act as an excellent weight loss supplements in women. Fish oils contain omega-3 fatty acid whose benefits among others include an increase in the level of good cholesterol or HDL which is considered as an active fat burner. Hence, if fish oil is consumed along with a well-planned and calorie counted diet, it is said to cause a substantial amount of weight loss especially in women. The Private Label Fish Oil Catalog on StockNutra is filled with many individual types of fish oil ranging in EPA and DHA levels. Honing in on women with more specific needs could prove profitable!

private label fish oil


Whey Protein as the name itself suggests, is enriched with high protein which is very beneficial for weight loss in women as it helps in the building and growth of lean muscle and loss of calorie when combined with proper diet and planned regular weight loss workouts. Weight loss in a nutshell implies losing the excess body fats and gaining lean muscle mass but die to natural build, it becomes quite difficult and tedious job for women to lose fat. This is where whey protein plays a vital role and aids body’s metabolism leading to weight loss. Whey protein when used as weight loss supplement in women yield best result when taken along with a well- balanced diet and pre and post workout sessions on a regular basis. An added bonus with the Private Label Whey Protein from StockNutra, our formula include probiotics to aid in digestion even further. Very marketable product as whey protein is a staple in almost every supplement brand.


Green Tea Extracts contain a certain extremely beneficial ingredient known as EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) which is exclusively found in green tea as well as in green tea extracts increases or boosts women’s metabolism rate and also acts as a fat burner. This is why green tea extract is used as one of the active ingredients in ‘s premium weight loss supplement product for women fat burner.


Creatine is an ingredient which over the time has found place in one of the major ingredients in weight loss supplements for women. Creatine acts by getting rid of the extra water of the body. However, prolonged consumption leads to bloating in women. To counter this side effect, it is suggested to get off creatine for few days and the weight loss is rapid. Creatine supplies the body with necessary nutrients for overall body growth and recovery. It also helps women to develop more defined muscle mass. Creatine containing supplements are usually advised for daily consumption just post workout.

6. CLA

CLA is one form of omega-6 fatty acid which when used as a weight loss supplement ingredient, boosts protein synthesis, metabolism and promotes fat loss in body. 2 grams per day twice a day preferably during lunch and dinner is usually preferred dosage of CLA in a dietary weight loss supplement as it promotes lean muscle gain. It is mostly found in dairy products. StockNutra also offers a Private Label Vegetarian CLA!private label cla


Branched-chain amino acids commonly referred as BCAA’S is a well recommended and essential weight loss supplement ingredient that one should want to keep as a stock ingredient and use in their product. Proteins are usually derived from these kinds of amino acids and are known as to be active fat loss promoters. However, when taken with sugar filled fat burners its effectiveness is said to be considerably reduced. However, it’s considered quite effective when consumed individually in a properly formulated supplementary form.


Collagen is a widely accepted and considered as one of the best weight loss supplements due to its protein content and its unique but complex amino acid content or profile which not only act as fat burner but also promotes retention of lean body mass and muscles. It also come in a Keto-friendly form from StockNutra!

private label collagen


MCT Oil or Multi chain triglycerides oil is one of the main ingredients when it comes to effective weight loss supplements for women. It is also considered as one of the most effective and secret ingredients for weight loss as it increases the metabolism of the body and acts as a super fat burner. We offer it in a powder form and liquid form on!

private label mct oil

When thinking about marketing your own private label weight loss supplement for women, these above-mentioned supplements are considered the best. Plus when you order from  However, your selection of the supplements will depend on your business strategy, marketing plans, target audience/niche and on your existing requirements for promoting your business and market demands.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at (844)-606-8872 or leave a comment on this post! Looking forward to assist people in creating a supplement brand revolving around a women’s product or add a women’s product to an existing supplement brand!

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