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fish oil supplements for weight loss

Fighting Fat With Fats: Fish Oil and Fat Loss

There are many studies that point to the benefits of taking fish oil supplements to help you lose weight, which is one of the reasons that fish oil is product of interest to so many people.

Fish Oil and Weight Loss Interest

Private Label weight loss supplements are always a hot topic but fish oil as a search topic remains at 95 percent interest whereas Omega-3 fatty acid holds only a ten percent interest for Google searchers. Also of importance is that over the span Jan-2004 – Jan-2016, internet search interest remains strong. In 2004 it began with around a 33 percent search interest.

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By May of 2010, it peaked at 100 percent internet search interest and then sustained a strong set of peaks and troughs through June of 2013 where it again peaked at 99 percent interest. Today it holds a 61 percent interest level and continues to sustain a strong interest between 50 percent and 68 percent.

What sustains the interest in fish oil?

Part of that interest is new breakthroughs that are specific to the Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil. Part of that is the way that this dietary supplement helps prime the body to lose weight. Another aspect is the health benefits for heart health, brain health, and overall health that fish oil offers.

FIsh Oil as a Weight Loss Supplement

Part of that weight loss process involves managing triglyceride levels. Triglycerides are fat, and the scientific term for a fat is the word lipid. Triglycerides are fats that have been digested and are now in the blood stream ready to be used by cells for energy. If triglyceride levels are too high, then your body stores the extra as fat cells. Studies involving fish oil have shown that long-chain fatty acids reduce triglycerides levels in our blood. [1]

However, fish oil is high in Omega-3 Fatty Acid, and there is scientific evidence that Omega-3 Fatty Acids help change gene expression when it comes to lipid (fat) metabolism. [2] The study involved showed that there is a relationship between fish oil and fat loss and can help to turn genes on and off; however, the study was clear that not all sources of fatty acids have this ability. That bit of knowledge is important because it provides better evidence of the remarkable ability of fish oil over other forms of Omega-3 fatty acids.

How Consuming Fat Causes Our Body to Burn Fat

While it seems odd that we would consume oil to lose weight or drop fat, but that is just what happens when we use fish oil. It is the high percentage of Omega-3 fatty acids that help our body lower triglyceride level in our blood. That process then requires that our body burns stored fat as energy. Triglycerides are little, fatty, energy bundles that are readily available for energy production in the cells. When they are in the blood stream, they are prime targets for usefish oil for weight loss image 4.jpg by the cells for energy.

However, when we consistently have high levels of triglycerides in our blood, our body stores the excess as fat – brown fat. Thus, high levels of triglycerides mean weight gain. Because Omega-3 from fish oil helps our body to decrease the level of triglycerides it causes us to burn stored fat.

That process increases when you combine fish oil with mild exercise. Exercise requires more energy, and the more energy we need, the more brown fat we use, especially when blood glucose and triglyceride levels are low. 

Blood glucose and triglycerides are two forms of energy that are readily available for cellular use. When we have too much of either, our body does two things.

First, it stores the excess as fat and secondly, it does not burn stored fat. If the high levels of either exist over time, we gain weight and eventually become obese. Also, both high levels of blood glucose and high levels of triglycerides are key indicators of metabolic disease of which obesity and type II diabetes symptoms. In addition to dropping triglyceride levels in our blood, fish oil also helps to lower cholesterol and blood glucose too. [1]

By reducing two forms of “fast” energy, fish oil helps us create a situation where we have to burn other forms of energy, primarily brown fat – stored fat. It is that simple process that keeps consumers coming back to fish oil. Whether they are looking to lose weight or gain health, fish oil remains a hot topic in marketing and not just in isolated areas. It is of solid interest across the entire US with North Dakota, New Hampshire, and Delaware being the top three states where people search for “fish oil” on Google.

How Much Fish Oil for Fat Loss?

Ideally, 4-6 grams of fish oil per day is what most studies used. It is better to take fish oil when your body needs it most. fish oil for weight loss image 3.jpgThat means that the best time to take fish oil for fat loss is with meals – three times per day so that you gain a wider window of use from the available Omega-3 fatty acids.

If you are serious about weight loss, then consider adding some form of exercise to your daily activity. This need not be strenuous exercise.

Go for a walk, take the stairs at work, get off the bus a few blocks early, mow the lawn. These kinds of little bursts of energy help. The goal is to help your body burn more energy until brown fat usage increases. You don’t have to add exercise or reduce your diet, but it does help.

You will notice when your body starts to burn brown fat because your waist size will shrink. Brown fat is stored body fat and for many of us, it is stubborn belly fat too. To increase the effects of fish oil even further, consider eating a low fat, low sugar, and high fiber diet too. The combination of eating less fuel, consuming fish oil, and exercising is the trifecta of weight loss. Armed with the knowledge on the best time to take fish oil for fat loss and it’s benefits 

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