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Private Label Dog Supplements: Why Your Brand Could Benefit

The pet supplement industry is growing at a rate of 5% annually. This is caused by the rising interest of pet owners to care for their pets. Pet owners are now keen on what their pets nutrition. They seek information from animal experts and other pet owners who have knowledge in pet care.

It has become a norm for people to take care of pets the same as human beings. They are capable to spend as much as they can to ensure their pets are eating a balanced meal and are in good health. Just like with humans it is sometimes difficult to get all the necessary nutrients to your canine so this is where supplements come in.

As demand for pet supplements rise, the market size also expands and every large brand is customizing and try to seperate themselves from their competition. Just like human beings are moving away from the artificial and genetically modified organism, they also don’t want their pets consuming anything that is not beneficial to their health.

Aging dogs are prone to various medical conditions such as osteoarthritis and pneumonia among others. They are not able to retain vitamins in their bodies making it necessary for them to take supplements to meet the daily diet requirements.

The ingredients used to make supplements is depended on the type and age of a pet. Dogs and cats are equated to consume the same amount of ingredients and other bigger pets such as horses consume bigger amount because of their size. As the human being will take supplement according to the weight they have it is also applicable to animals.

If a pet is given a supplement that doesn’t match its weight and size, The possibilities are, it will be underdosed or overdosed. Underdosing will lead to the supplement being useless as it will not work throughout the body as intended. Overdosing, on the other hand, leads to the destruction of internal parts of the pet’s body or it may trigger a development of a disease.

Not all dogs need supplementation. If a dog is feeding on commercially made dog food there’s no reason to give supplements to it. Commercial dog food has all the vitamins and minerals needed by the dog. Dogs who are having health issues and lack minerals and vitamins are the ones who will need more of the supplement. Before a dog is given any supplement it is advisable to consult with a veterinarian first to see if the dog really needs supplements and at what dosage?

The obvious supplements that are used nearly by every dog owner are the joint strengthening supplement, conditioning and protecting supplement for the fur and skin and digestive health improvement supplement. The common ingredient found in these supplements are;

Glucosamine and chondroitin are used to make pet supplements responsible for treating arthritis.

Fish oil supplements could protects the dog’s skin from drying and chapping. It retains the elasticity of the dog’s skin and prevents fur falling.

Vitamin C and E are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory which are responsible for protecting the dog’s body from harmful oxidizing agents that cause disease and inflammations inside and outside the dog’s body.

Probiotic and other weight management supplements are yet to be introduced.

Just like human beings dogs are different and react differently to any supplement. When formulating the ingredients the private label dog supplements should consider this fact. It will help cater for everyone.

There are ingredients found in human supplements that are safe for humans but toxic to animals. Such ingredients are garlic and some root herbs. Human supplements can’t be used on animals unless the vet says so.

Stocknutra private label dog supplement has tried its level best to formulate ingredients out of a natural ingredient. One example is that of a crushed eggshell used to treat joint pain. This ingredient was not only formulated but tested also. The study was carried in different veterinary clinics and placebo was used as a control to see if the ingredient really worked. The end results showed the ingredient was able to alleviate pain by 22.5%  compared to the control test of  19.4%. This one of the few studies that were carried on to the claims on whatever they do.

When dogs start to age their bones become weak and they don’t move more often. When they stop exercising like before they start to gain weight which is not healthy for the dog. Obesity is a disease on its own and can worsen the health condition of the client. This issue made somebody to take into consideration the need for a supplement that could reduce the weight of dogs when they become weaker to exercise or walk.

The digestive tract has useful bacterias that aid in the process of digestion. If this bacteria is not balanced it can cause harmful effects to the GIT (gastrointestinal tract). Probiotic is the ingredient responsible for balancing the health of dogs gut.

Since the demand for supplement grew it is natural for production to grow. This why private label dog supplement is being embraced by many people to meet this rising demands. Private label supplement services are being offered by StockNutra company.

You don’t have to spend more time in processing the supplement because we will do most of the work for you. Just mention what you need and it will be processed for you. When you become an affiliate member of the company you’ll have an advantage of tax-free for every purchase if you were registered as a company. You are able to customize your product that is if you want the supplements to be in a powdery form that is what StockNutra will provide. You don’t need to go to the factory to pick up your purchase will send the products to you at an affordable price. There’s free shipping to those clients who have registered with the company as members and they make purchases that exceed $ 10,000.

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StockNutra is an approved body of the FDA and every ingredient used by the company has passed through our QA & QC labs. Ingredients are safe for animals and human beings. Each ingredient is tested to ensure it works based on why it was produced. Pet owners nowadays are embracing natural products and it is wise to move with what the buyers need that way you’ll never miss sales. That is why StockNutra private label supplpplements are based on formulating  with ingredients at their highest potency.

When you decide to partner withStockNutra you’ll have all the benefits you wouldn’t find anywhere else. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of formulas and you are the one to set up the price for your product. You can decide to set it up lower than the normal government prices.

Success in this line of business is depended on how creative you are. Giving attractive labels on the container will either make sales or not and it is very important to select the best labeling to outdo your competitors.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about how to formulate and find ingredients? StockNutra will save that hustle by sourcing the best ingredients that have been approved by the FDA and formulate the product. All you’ll do is to market the end product which of course will not be hectic like processing the product.

When you register and give a testimonial about the company you get rewarded. Save $ 1 for every $ 100 purchase. You’ll end up saving more when you do business with StockNutra. These reward points are applicable for registered members only. You can do all your purchases online and this will save you the time you could have wasted while going to pay and take the products. Shipping is done at a price but for purchases above $ 10,000 shipping will be free.

When you register your business with StockNutra, all purchases you make will be tax-free and for this to be effective you need to apply for tax business exemption. If you are not able to afford a warehouse or maybe you don’t have enough space to store your purchases, StockNutra has a service called blanket order where you purchase the products and the company stores the purchases for you until you are ready to take them.
private label dog supplements

Whether you want to test the products first or you are a startup company and have little money to purchase the products you don’t have to worry as StockNutra accepts minimum purchases of as little as 750 bottles. If you want to ensure you’ll have a supply throughout the year but don’t have enough space to stock the surplus, StockNutra offers the annual bidding where you make the purchase and they store your purchases safely until you need them.

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