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trending supplements on stocknutra

Top 5 Trending Supplements on Stocknutra!

These five trending supplements are raising the bar for internet searches for supplements. The implication is that products, such as those in this blog, represent a lot of potential for those selling supplements online, especially white label supplements. Are these products that could bolster your private label brand?  We will illistrate to you the purpose of each products popularity and show you where to get it on StockNutra! 


MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil) began gaining search interest as far back as 2012. It has since taken off creating a J-curve effect on the charts. [1]

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That interest is well-founded as MTC Oil has many benefits that range across a wide range of interests. It transcends the benefits of coconut oil which contain upwards of 60-65 percent of MCT. One of the hottest trends in MCT is concentrated formula which boosts the benefits even further. The benefits of MCT range from improved brain health to weight loss. [2], [3] [4]


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Biotin has long been a supplement of interest for many people and that interest has continued to grow over time. As far back as 2004, biotin has been a top search term, especially in the United States.

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Biotin is a supplement that both men and women benefit from taking. It is well-known for its help in creating beautiful skin, thick, voluminous hair, and stronger fingernails. It has health benefits such as part of the tools our body uses to create energy from nutrients. It is a naturally occurring substance that is found in foods such as eggs and avocados.

One reason that biotin makes a perfect private label supplement is that it is not stored by the body, so there is always a need for more. Benefits include:

  • Men and women like biotin because it may help to increase hair growth on the head. [5]
  • Reduction in fatigue and fatigue related syndromes. [6]
  • Helps decrease mood swings as biotin is needed for our body to use fatty acids. [7]

Regarding marketing for private label supplements, biotin should be a rock star. It is an essential element, and it addresses a large segment of the population from men to women and from beauty, health, and mood. If you are selling supplements online, this is a staple nutrient for every brand.


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The interest in private label hyrdrolized collagen peptides took off in 2014 and is climbing in a nearly vertical fashion.

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The reason for such popularity is that collagen is a critical element for beautiful skin, hormone balancing, and improved bone and joint health. The benefits of collagen peptides are:

  • Improving fine lines and wrinkles for overall improved skin tone and firmness. [8]
  • As a treatment or part of a treatment regimen for increased joint health. [9]
  • As a treatment for post menopausal weight gain. [10]

The beauty industry is huge as is the industry that involves menopausal treatments. These are two reasons why the online search activity for collagen peptides is so large and why private label hydralyzed collagen is a perfect addition for anyone who sells private label supplements.


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The online interest in gummy vitamins began back in 2007. [11]These are easy to enjoy vitamins that help reduce the fight to get kids and adults to eat their vegetables. Gummy vitamins are a solution for anyone who wants to improve their daily intake of nutrients without chewing tables or eating things they dislike.

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From a marketing perspective for those selling supplements online, this is a format option that helps diversify your brand so that consumers have more choices for vitamins. In competitive markets, gummy vitamins give your brand an advantage over other brands. You gain potential market share by including kid-friendly vitamins, and that exposure brings your brand to adults as well. Included in these gains are access to adults who don’t use daily vitamins, but who shop for seasonal products such as immune boosters during cold and flu season, or weight loss products due to special events such as weddings.

Key Considerations: Gummy – increases the delivery vessel for nutrients such as vitamins. Instead of only having tables, capsules, or even chewable tablets, you can now offer gummy units.

  • Appeal to many consumers and many ages
  • Target market to families, especially those with children
  • Introduces your brand to consumers who have children but who do not take vitamins or supplements regularly.
  • Makes your brand more competitive

We offer a variety of gummy vitamins for multiple purposes!


DHT-blocker-600x600.pngHair-Skin-Nails_600x600-300x300.png   Hair-beard-growth_600x600.png

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Nootropics  have been around for some time, but the interest in them spiked back in late 2010. [12] Since that time, they have grown in popularity for many reasons. Nootropics are cognitive enhancers and as such are in demand across a very wide age range.

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The Demographics of Age with Nootropics

DementiaNootropics have been shown in peer reviewed studies to potentially extend the lives of people with dementia [13] especially when early treatment for dementia occurs.

ADHDNootropics such as piracetam and deanol have been used to treat ADHD and other issues that indicate learning or behavior disorders. A study performed in 1975 points out that Deanol might be an equivalent to methylphenidate for minimal brain dysfunction. [14]

The concern with treatment with ADHD and other syndromes that are similar is the impact to health with the long-term use of conventional medications. This is part of the reason for the rapid increase in internet searches for nootropics.

The age range for positive use of nootropics is vast. These are useful for children, adults, and the elderly. They address important concerns in the treatment of cognitive issues ranging from improving one’s mental sharpness and focus to potentially replacing heavy-duty psych drugs used for the treatment of long-term diseases and disorders. Regarding marketing, nootropics are powerful because their marketing can address target segments of the entire general population. There are also many nootropics so private label brands can create special blends to address specific disorders or specific needs of consumers.


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